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We started a quiz with the July newsletter – 3 questions were hidden in that issue and numerous people responded with the correct (and some not-so-correct!) answers. Since it was the first quiz, we gave three prizes and we received photos of a few of the recipients with their rewards.
This issue has three more questions – and one might involve a little sleuthing on the district Facebook site too! Send your answers to rotarylouisa@gmail.com by August 10th when a draw of correct submissions will take place for another allegedly awesome prize!
New Editors
We have new Newsletter Editors…Kristina Ennis from the Rotary Club of St.  John ‘s East, and Kelly Hunt from the Rotary Club of St. John’s After Hours.
We also want to extend our sincere thank you to our editor from last year, Alana Hirtle. Alana took our newsletter to a new level and her talents are much appreciated.
Would your club like a club visit from a district team member to help “move the needle”?
We are waiting to hear from you!  The District Leadership Team is here to help your club move the needle… on membership, youth, international service, partnership development, strategic planning - whatever you feel your club needs!  Maybe you’d like a traditional program presentation or dinner keynote?  
You name it, and we will do our best to help make it happen. Please let Louisa know what would be most useful to help your club thrive and we will do our best to identify the best talent to come for a visit.  Email rotarylouisa@gmail.com with your wish list.

August is Membership Month!  How will your club celebrate this theme?

Maybe you could have a member celebration party!  Even cake for breakfast would be good… to say “we’re glad you’re here” to each other and to acknowledge the great members in your club.

Or maybe … just maybe… you could explore starting a new Passport Club in your area!  “Seriously?!?”, you say.  “We can’t get new members in our own club now… why would we start a new one?”  Exactly the point.  Sometimes, we need to be courageous and recognize that there are more former Rotarians in our community than there are Rotarians – those people came to Rotary at some point and wanted to give back to their community but… there was something that didn’t work for them – and they left.  Something didn’t click - time, location, culture, projects, expectations… who knows?  Good news!! Now we have an opportunity to have a very flexible model to offer them...

Your district has many Rotarians who volunteer to make sure that clubs can thrive.  We have four leaders who share responsibility for oversight of six core committees, as well as many sub-committees and individuals who serve you. 
A list of these committees/subcommittees and other support roles follows – and we would love to hear from anyone who would like to be involved in any of these committees! 
We have lots of opportunities! 
Please send an email to Louisa at rotarylouisa@gmail.com if you would like to know more about any of them.
Chair of the Leadership Team/DG – Louisa Horne
  • Finance – Wendy Scammell
  • Public Image – Kristina Ennis
  • District Conference – shared with DGE
  • District Audit                                                                         
  • Awards and Recognition                                                                   
  • Data Management                                                                  
  • Councils on Resolutions & Legislation                      
  • New Club Development
District Governor Elect – Ian Doyle
  • Strategic Planning
  • Training – Alana Hirtle
  • Foundation – Stella Roy
    • District Grant                                                             
    • Paul Harris Society                                                    
    • Friendship Exchange                                                 
    • International Services                                                
    • Peace Fellowships                                                      
    • Polio                                                                                       
    • District Giving                                               
    • District Grant Evaluation Committee                        
    • Stewardship                                                                           
    • Foundation Training                                                  
District Governor Nominee – Alex Twells
  • Youth Services – Michael Craig
    • District Youth Exchange
    • District Interact                                                                      
    • District Rotaract                                                                    
    • Youth Protection Officer                                                       
    • District Youth Exchange
    • RYLA
Immediate Past District Governor – Rob Christie
  • Membership – Gail Gosse
  • Nominating                                                                            
  • Past District Governors                                                          
  • RI Conference Support                                              
  • Archive/History
  • Alumni
We do a lot of work on your behalf… and we have fun!  Come and join us.  A trivia question about this… name five of the ten areas of responsibility of the Foundation team.
It’s membership month! 
What a great time to step back and think about your club and your approach to growing your membership, and exploring any declines you may have experienced.  Perhaps nothing vexes the Rotary world today more than our loss of members. Declining membership is actually a symptom of other problems and unless we address these, we won’t see a change. People are leaving (or not joining in the first place) because what we have to offer doesn’t appeal to them. They simply don’t want to buy what we’re trying to sell. We’re not irresistible! To understand why this is, we must take a hard look at who we are, what we do, how we do it and fix what isn’t working before we expend energy bringing in new members.
With that in mind, let’s do a little thinking exercise...
As a former member of Rotaract and now a young Rotarian, I get asked quite a lot, “where do we find more young members like you?”
It may seem like young members are as elusive to catch as Pokémon, but with the right strategy and awareness, it’s not that difficult at all. The truth is, they are really all around us. They may be in your work place, they may be in your neighborhood, or they may be in those other social gatherings you belong to. Others may be active in our youth programs like Rotaract and RYLA, readying themselves for the challenges that lie ahead.
Attracting new members is pretty critical to our clubs. They are the lifeblood of our organization, bringing in fresh ideas and insights, and keeping our clubs alive and relevant. In turn, young professionals seek a sense of purpose and belonging, and this is exactly what your club can give them.
As we celebrate Membership Month in Rotary, here are my tips for attracting younger members:

More and more, prospective members find us via the RI home page (they click on JOIN at the top right on Rotary.org). Then the person provides personal data and history on the pop form. Your District Membership Chair receives an alert. With the work of your AG and Club Presidents we follow up to match the candidate with the club that seems to be the best fit (usually time and place of meetings). Assuming all goes well, the person is then vetted in the usual way.  There are no short-cuts here, just a way to cast a wider net for prospective members. 

Last year your District received 21 inquiries this way. We matched them with clubs. Some clubs deemed the candidate not suitable. Some candidates decided Rotary was not for them. Others are checking out a few clubs or are attending a club to learn more and have yet to decide. Some have joined up.

This link gives relocating members a way to get information on Rotary in their new community. Similarly, members who find their own Club’s time and place of meetings no longer works can gather information regarding other clubs for a transfer request. And of course, prospective members can find out about Rotary in their area.

Data Trends: Of the people in our District who clicked on JOIN, 87% heard about Rotary through a friend. That’s also the top way to reach people in Canada and even in the world.  Locally (and nationally) the second way to attract people is via a Rotary event, and the third is via media (social and newspaper top this chart)

Spread the word: Clubs might add the JOIN link to their web page, blog, Facebook, newsletters etc. to help prospective, relocating/transferring members find Rotary Clubs.



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