Posted by Louisa Horne on May 30, 2019
A new approach to club visits by District Leaders. What is your club’s wish list?
This year’s RI President Barry Rassin, has challenged Rotarians to come up with a Flamingo Challenge.  Flamingos do a very interesting thing – one bird in a flock might decide to go the other way… and eventually the others turn and follow (remember last July's Rotarian mag cover?).  That one flamingo has the courage to try something new.  That’s what Barry is asking us all to do.  And, we are asking your club to identify what would help you do something new to move your needle. 
What does that mean?  Simple – what aspect of your club do you want to see change and how could your district help you?  It could involve any avenue of service – club planning, governance, youth, local service, international service, fundraisers, socials… what will help the club be more irresistible? 
At the District Conference in May, every club received a small card with a gauge and a needle to help remind you of the need to move some needles, and to help prompt your conversations about moving them.  Maybe you want to start a youth program or an international project for the first time.  Maybe your Board has lost some of its effectiveness over time and you’d like some help with leadership approaches.  Or maybe you need help with facilitating a new strategic plan.  It’s up to you!  Let Louisa know what you would most like support with, by the end of June, and the District Leadership Team will endeavor to provide the best talent to help you move that needle – and meet your Flamingo Challenge. 
Louisa can still come to give a presentation, if that is what your club wants – but if other people can help your club more, that is what we will try to deliver.  Here are a few examples to prompt your creative thinking about how your district can have the most impact for your club:
  • Strategic planning/visioning workshop
  • Support for starting a new Passport or Satellite club
  • Board structure/effectiveness workshop
  • Partnership connection (e.g., presentation at a Chamber event or with local Lions!)
  • International project – planning a grant application or establishing a collaborative committee with other clubs
  • New Youth initiative – Interact, YE, Adventures…
  • Have the District Chair participate in an event (fundraising, PH event, local service….)
  • Orientation training workshop for new members
  • Membership session or presentation to a new member event
  • Public image training
  • Program on some other topic
Or maybe you’d prefer to have a more traditional club visit from the Chair of the District Leadership Team (aka DG) on some topic from the Rotary world… whatever would have the most impact for your club… we want to know!
Please send your wish list of “move the needle actions” to Louisa at by the end of June – with an indication of your preferred timing – and the team will do our best to meet all your requests.