Posted by Louisa Horne on May 30, 2019
Puppies for PI – Your very own Ro-terrier!
District 7820 is “gone to the dogs” for the 2019-2020 Rotary Year! The district wants to help YOUR club thrive, to “move the needle” on club irresistibility, and help you attract and retain new members.
The district has Public Image (PI) funds, and instead of purchasing annual theme banner/pins, your district will be supporting club PI initiatives. How would your club use up to $500 towards a PI initiative that will help your club thrive?
What’s a Ro-terrier puppy got to do with it? In support of a creative public image challenge, each club has been given a PI Puppy – they are your new buddies – and they are doggedly committed to building greater awareness of Rotary.
Step 1: Come up with a public image idea for your club. Send us a 100-150 words about how your club would use some PI funds and your plan to deliver your idea. Send your ideas to by August 31, 2019.
Step 2: Take your PI Puppy on a training tour! Submit photos of your puppy with all of the past and present activities your club has been involved in via email to and use #PIpuppy7820 on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Have some FUN with your puppy – give them a name, dress them up if you’d like, take them on an adventure! Snap as many pictures of your PI Puppy as you can so we can share with the Rotary world all of the amazing things happening right here in D7820! Check out the list of ideas below in “PI Puppy FAQs”.
Step 3: Complete steps 1 and 2 by August 31, 2019 for ROUND 1 of the PI Puppy Challenge. After round 1, we will communicate the award winners and set a deadline for ROUND 2 in early 2020.
Some puppies already have names! Check out Toller from Yarmouth learning to ring the Rotary bell. Louisa took Beacon to DG training and he got to take a peek inside an iron lung.
·         Get creative, think outside of the kennel! Engage club members in deciding your club’s puppy strategy;
·         Bring your puppy to club meetings and events – snap a picture of your puppy at your meeting spot, with members, helping plan events.  Think beyond the typical hand (paw) shaking photos;
·         We want to create a database of all the activities that have happened in this district so take your puppy on tour – snap a pic of them looking at photos from past projects that came before them, take them to visit projects in your community (or internationally!);
·         Include them in current or ongoing projects;
·         Does your club have a big event coming up? Your puppy might like to help too!
·         Social, community, international, fundraising, new generations, any avenue of service - you name it, your puppy will be like a dog with a bone when it comes to enthusiasm;
·         Last but not least, have fun. Let’s show the world what Rotary is really about – fellowship and making a difference in our communities!
1.       Puppies are cute and they get shared on social media!
2.       Last year’s member survey gave two clear messages – clubs want help with membership and public image.
I’m stumped! What can we use PI funds for?
It could be a new banner for a project, or a new sign for a project, or a People of Action banner to replace faded blue felt, or a flamingo costume for a parade, or support for building a parade float, or super flashy vests to wear at an event…. or some other very creative idea that hasn’t been imagined yet!  Go wild!